Acid Proof Lining
Acid & Alkali Resistant Bricks / Tiles
Acid & Alkali Resistant Bricks & Tiles are made up of Silica and inert material and are resistant to all acids, alkalies and solvents and any chemicals with concentration from PH1 to PH14 except Hydrofluoric Acid and its allied Products. These Bricks & tiles have low porosity and impart properties like high impact and abrasion resistance. They are available in various sizes & thickness and are set and laid with Chemical resistant mortars which are used as bonding agent.
Corocarb - Carbon Bricks/Tiles
COROCARB Carbon bricks/tiles are made by unique technological process from quality carbon containing materials and acid proof organic compound. They are resistant to practically all corrosive inorganic and organic chemicals including hydrofluoric acid. Carbon Bricks & Tiles is an excellent material for construction especially in areas where process conditions are highly corrosive and abrasive at elevated temperatures. These Bricks have good thermal and electrical conductivity and can be used for temperatures up to 200°C
Acid Proof Membrane
• KOROMASTIC – Bitumen Stamping Compound  
KOROMASTIC is bitumen based compound of acid resistant grade specially formulated to serve as an inter-liner between the concrete base and acid resistant brick/tile lining. It is melted and applied hot in monolithic layers. Koromastic Acid Proof Membrane is the last line of defence in Acid proof Lining. In the event of acid seeping through the joints of Acid proof Brick/Tile Lining, koromastic membrane protects the concrete surface by not allowing the acid to seep through it.

Prior to laying mastic, the concrete surface has to be primed with KORO MC – Primer for proper adhesion.
• CORO FRVE – Fibre Glass Reinforced Vinyl Ester linings.  
CORO FRVE membrane is based on Vinyl Ester Polyester resin and has good chemical resistance. Vinyl Ester resin wets the surface of glass fibre in the form of cloth, mat or chopped fibre to produce laminates and provides superior chemical resistance towards acids, solvents & oils. They are used in process tanks & storage tanks where rubber linings are not suitable and can withstand temperatures up to 90°C.
REPHANOL ‘ORG’ lining is a poly iso butylene membrane manufactured in Germany and available in sheets of 1.5 to 3.0mm thickness. These membranes are stuck to concrete or steel bases with adhesives and joints are overlapped. These overlapped joints are hot seam welded. They are used as inter liner membranes in Galvanizing Tanks, Pickling Tanks, and Anodic Oxidation Tanks and where electrically conductive ceramic tiling is required. They are extensively used in Sulphuric Acid Towers and Phosphoric Acid Reactors.
Chemical Resistant Mortars
• COROCEM ’K’ - Potassium Silicate Cement  
COROCEM ‘K’ is Potassium Silicate based cement and is resistant to all concentrated acids except hydrofluoric acid. It is not resistant to dilute acids, alkalies or for areas where there is frequent washing with water.

It is used for bonding of Acid proof tiles under high acid concentration and where alkali or water concentration is not present. It is, however, used as bedding cement for floor lining and joints are sealed with suitable resin cement to reduce cost of the lining.
• COROCEM ’K’ SPL - Potassium Silicate Cement  
COROOCEM ‘K’ SPL Potassium Silicate cement is a special product for use in Sulphuric Acid Plant Towers & Equipments and Chimneys. It can resist higher concentration of Sulphuric and Phosphoric acid but are not suitable for dilute acids or water and can withstand temperatures up to 800°C.
• COROFUR - Furane Cement  
COROFUR Furane cement is based on Fur-Furyl alcohol compound and is the most widely used cement. They are resistant to non-oxidizing acids, alkalies & solvents of high concentration and can withstand temperatures up to 170°C. They are generally suitable for many situations where alternating acids and alkalies prevail.
• COROFUR “C” – Carbon Filled Furane cement  
COROFUR “C” Furane cement is a 100% Carbon filled Furane mortar, recommended for bonding with carbon tiles and acid proof tiles and resistant to all strong acids, oxidizing acids like Hydrofluoric acid, Fluoride salts and strong alkalies. These mortars have good thermal and electrical conductivity and can be used for temperatures up to 200°C. Graphite powder filled furane mortar could be considered where heat conductivity is also required in addition to corrosion resistance.
• CORO PHENOLIC - Phenolic Cement  
CORO PHENOLIC mortar is based on Phenol Formaldehyde compound and resistant to strong acids, dilute oxidizing acids, organic and fatty acids, oils, greases and many solvents. They however have poor resistance to alkalies and can withstand temperature up to 160ºC.
• CORO CNSL - CNSL Cement  
CORO CNSL cement is based on Cashew Nut shell liquid and recommended for acid resisting brick fixing for protection against strong alkalies, acids, salts etc. but not suited to many solvents & oils. This is the most suitable S. W. Pipe jointing compound, for pipe lines transporting acids, alkalies, oils and industrial waste and can withstand temperatures up to 160°C.
• COROSUL - Sulphur base Cement  
COROSUL is a hot pour plasticized Sulphur base compound and resistant to oxidizing and non-oxidizing acids, acid & neutral salts. It is used as a sealant where concentrated nitric acid spillages occur.
• CORO EPX - Epoxy Cement  
CORO EPX Mortar is Epoxy based and supplied in three component system. It has very low absorption and is recommended for protection against dilute acids, alkalies, salts, solvents, greases, detergents. It can be used as bedding, jointing & pointing materials for brick/tile in food & pharmaceuticals industries, dairies, breweries, bottling plants etc. and can withstand temperatures up to 90°C. It can also be used for screeding and patch repairs of concrete floors and sealing of cracks
• CORO VE – Vinyl Ester Cement  
CORO VE Cement is Vinyl Ester based cement and supplied in four component system. It is recommended for protection against strong Oxidizing acids and Bleach solutions in Chemical Plants, steel, Pulp and Paper mills. It is also resistant to strong acids and mild alkalies and can withstand temperatures up to 90°C.
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