Who We Are

Welcome to PSK Corofrac Linings Pvt. Ltd.

PSK Corofrac Linings Pvt. Ltd. is one of the market leaders in India which offers a complete solution to any industry for Acid Proof Brick / Tile Lining, Epoxy floorings & Refractory linings .We execute turnkey projects including design and installation for a plethora of industries in India & Overseas.

For nearly three decades we have provided quality products and world class comprehensive construction services headed by multifunctional team in Acid Resistant Tile/Brick Linings, Carbon Brick Linings, Heavy duty Epoxy / PU Self Leveling floorings, Abrasion / Anticorrosive floor coatings, Anti fungal Wall Coatings and Refractory Linings. Other than many reputed projects executed in India, we have broadened our market base internationally and have exported and executed Projects in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, Jordan, Phillipines & D.R.Congo.

PSK has the capability to deliver complete & customized solutions for every industry by selection of appropriate material and proper design for Installation. Our detailed knowledge of Processing Conditions, Careful Planning & Design and latest Installation Techniques assure our clients durable & therefore cost effective facilities.

Our Services

Acid Proof Lining

  • Acid Proof Membranes
  • Acid Proof Brick /Tile Lining
  • Carbon Brick /Tile Lining

Epoxy Flooring & Lining

  • Eproxy flooring
  • Eproxy Screed
  • Eproxy Coating
  • Wall Coating

Refractory Lining

We undertake and have installed jobs of Fire Brick lining, Insulation Brick Lining & Castable Lining in Reheating Furnace in Steel & Aluminium industry, Rotary Furnaces, Sulphur Combustion Furnaces, Reformers, Chimneys & Stack, Boilers & Incinerators.

Our Portfolio